Monthly Archives: October, 2012

What is Presence

What is Presence. Some people have asked me about the “Presence” that I have been talking about.  It is very simple.  I shall elaborate a bit. This whole Creation of galaxies, earths and life on all the  earths manifested from an ocean of consciousness.   The whole Creation is in the ocean of consciousness.  Consciousness is …

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Silent Revolution

This is a call for a Silent Revolution. The world is in turmoil today. There are protests and demonstrations in countless places all over the world. People are protesting against economic failure, corrupt governments and many injustices. Most of these protests are by the ordinary citizens, and are either crushed by force or rendered ineffective …

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When I spoke to me!

It was a traffic-riddled tiring drive from Bangalore city to back home in Taponagara. The never-ending B’lore City Metro and fly-over constructions are like obstacle courses for the thrill seeking commuter; a big pot-hole here and pile of rubble there holding-up traffic instigating honking contests. Driving on most Indian streets forces one to live in …

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