Progression of Time

There is a natural progression of Time. Night turns to day with a dawn in-between; the light of the day fades into the darkness of the night after an evening. Time moves continuously. There are Time-cycles in human consciousness as well; there are the periods of Light, Dark and shades of grey as well. The Ancients knew this and in the Indian system of recording history, these Time-cycles are called Yugas. Four periods of Time have been classified as follows:

1. Satya Yuga – Light Age – where the conditions on earth are such that only Truth, Peace, Love and Light. This Yuga lasts for about 20,000 odd years.

2. Treta Yuga – where humanity is given the option of choosing diluted value system. This Yuga lasts for about 15,000 odd years.

3. Dwapara Yuga – dilution of values and increase in options to choose negativity increases. This Yuga lasts for about 10,000 odd years.

4. Kali Yuga – wherein there is a lot of negativity around. This Yuga, fortunately, lasts for about 5000 years.

There are transition periods between each Yuga. Time-cycles do not stop. Kali Yuga transits into Satya Yuga and the transition period is called Pralaya. Pralaya means transformation, not destruction. It gets destructive when there is resistance to accepting the new Time-cycle of Truth, Peace, Love and Light.

December 21st is not the end of the world but it marks the point in Time from when positive energies flood the entire earth. Positive Energies always overwhelm negative energies. Good eventually defeats bad. We are entering a new time-cycle when only Truth, Peace, Love and Light will prevail. The Divine Qualities have to get manifested through human beings, each one of us. There is no space of Darkness and negativity anywhere. Human beings cannot carry negativities in the Light Age. Only those who chose to hold on to hate, violence, jealousy, greed, etc will have problems.

The earth responds to the negativities with earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. The earth is moving on into the Light Age full of Peace. This transition can be smooth, if we human beings spread Light and choose only positivity.

The Light Masters always try to reduce suffering. They observe the response of humanity to the new Spiritual Energies that are spreading all over the earth.

Using their Freewill many human beings chose to hold on to negativities. For those who chose Peace, Love and Light, will receive the benefits of the Light Age.

Do not be in fear. Surrender your negativities, your limitations, your pain of having suffered injustice, your longing for justice, etc to the Divine Energies and Light Masters. Divine Justice always happens. With Light nothing can be covered-up, everything surfaces.

Be at peace. Enjoy the Spiritual Shift on 21st December and beyond.

On 21st December a Spiritual Shift will happen for sure. Whether this will be accompanied by geo-physical changes or upheavals on earth remains to be seen. In any case, Peace will prevail.


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