Guruji Krishnananda on his Guru – Maharshi Amara

Maharshi Amara (1919-1982) was an extraordinary channel for the Rishis, headed by the Sapta Rishis or the Hierarchy, who are now in the higher planes. The Knowledge he brought down was an extension of the Knowledge brought down to this earthen plane by the ancient Rishis. He guided all spiritual seekers with this Knowledge and provided them with the New Age energies that he personally gathered. That he continues to guide us even now from a distant galaxy where he is living now, is a matter that we have to be very happy about. For, rarely do such Masters come down to our earth.

He taught and demonstrated to us that in Spiritual journeys there are no pains. There are no pains when the Chakras are activated. There are no pains when the Kundalini rises. There are absolutely no abnormalities in our behaviour when the great energies work on our systems and when we are making strides in Spiritual progress. In fact, living a normal life sensibly is an indication of the Spiritual life. Dignified, majestic, wise, radiating Peace and Love and silent are some of the descriptions of a Spiritual seeker and, of course, of a guru also ! Amara lived all this to teach us. He taught us and in silence and dignity.

If I had not met Amara, not learnt from this Spritual giant, I too would have fallen prey to the charlatans and jokers that I see around now. Amara used to remind us about a saying of Christ: “Before my Father comes, there will be many false prophets.”

Understanding a guru truly and walking on his path is the best gift to him when we remember him. We remember Amara specially on the day of his Maha Samadhi – 25th August.Image


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