I Am (A Prosetry {a Poem in Prose}) – Seema Almel


Atop a high mountain, I peer down at the distant horizon,

where the earth meets the sky.

I long to be in that sacred place,

where the limited becomes the unlimited.

I chart a way down the mountain to that place

where I could be free-spirited.

I saw the way was long, the wait for freedom felt prolonged.

I ran down the mountain, took the fastest road to the promised land,

where the human meets the heaven.

I reached and turned around, soon realized the mountain I left behind,

where I stood was closest to where I wanted to be.

I rushed back and struggled to climb, life’s gravity held me trapped.

Oh that summit, where I can be in Union, will it only be something I dreamed?

I closed my eyes, sat where I was, and in surrender I realized,

I was already there where I wanted to be,

where the Formless embraced the form.

The horizon was everywhere, and everywhere the doorway existed

where the Eternal meets the ephemeral.

I am already there where I wanted to be,

where the Unlimited unlocks the limited,

I Am.


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