RA Energy and a blessing from a Rishi (Light Master) – by Seema Almel

“During a Sunday Class, I saw a football size super-bright spark like ball of white Light; it also streaked for a short distance in the Meditation Hall. The streak trail was as about 2 inches thick and white in colour. It was obvious that this was a Divine Personality; so I requested Guruji to tell me who it was. He replied that it was the RA God. 

“I enquired why the colour of the Energy was white when that of RA Energies is blue; Guruji helped me understand that the Divine Personalities can make known their Presence with Energies of any colour.

“While meditating in the inner chamber of the RA Meditation Hall in Taponagara, with my eyes closed I saw a spinning spiral of blue energy. Later Guruji confirmed that it was a RA Loka Rishi who showed himself as a blessing.”

The RA Meditation Hall at Taponagara, Bangalore.Image


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