GODDESS ADISHAKTI – A Vision, by Seema Almel

“During the Navaratri of 2012, I could not practice the Adishakti Meditation due to other commitments. While I was feeling sad about this, I remembered Guruji Krishnananda words – ‘Even the mere awareness that the Goddess’s Amsha is on earth and that her Energies are available, will result in blessings from her.’

So I closed my eyes and no sooner did I think of the Goddess, I saw a blue field of her Energy. I saw Adishakti’s Divine face from the side. Her eyes were closed in a meditative state; as if in response to my call, she gently opened her beautiful big eyes and softly turned her face towards me with a smile. Her countenance is simultaneously tough and calm, fierce yet loving, super-strong and benign but compassionate. In a mere vision her enormous potential for both creation and destruction was apparent. And yet she had a mother’s smile.

“All those who wrote ancient hymns glorifying Mother Adishakti got it right.”



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