The festival marking the victory of good over bad is more significant in today’s times. In days of yore, a king would slay a demon and history was made, truth triumphed and peace was restored. In our world, all that can be termed as bad comes in many forms, dogmas and even systems. Pollution is evident in the ambient energies, not just in the atmosphere, food, water and noise levels, but also in ethics. It is hard to isolate evil and annihilate it. Even warfare has now gone urban, targeting populations, not restricted to soldiers on battle fields.

As monarchy has made way for democracy, citizens also have the responsibility to slay the demons. How can a citizen identify the bad when it cleverly camouflages as good? How can an everyday person take action? 

With the changing times, Spirituality has also dawned beyond the bounds of religion. There are Universal and non-religious means empowering one and all. Light Channelling is one such tool, by which the balance towards righteousness, Truth and all that is good can be increased. As the world population increasingly channels and holds Light, darkness will be disabled. 

Let’s make history, let us channel Light and enkindle the Light within to mark this festival of Lights – Diwali. The victory of Light over dark is overdue. And it will come about when the citizens of our world choose Light over the dark. 

#Guruji Krishnananda #Light #Diwali #Peace


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