We are entering a new Time-Frame. Great Changes are expected.

The time has come for the Light to cleanse the world of all that is corrupt, violent and non-loving. The Light can cleanse, help us build up new systems of value and bring peace and love on this earth. The Light, we know, has great Intelligence and Power. Light is God. We have to allow the Light to do Its work. We have to spread Light to all corners of the world, to everyone and everything. The Time has come for us to bring about the Revolution by Light.

To eradicate corruption, to bring peace and to deal with the processes of the Great Change that is sweeping the globe, all of us have to channel Light. We can organize weekly sessions at our homes. Many are doing this already. Light Channelling sessions anywhere contribute to establishing Peace and Love in the world.

All those who are familiar with the Light and Light Channelling realize that anyone can channel the Light to benefit individually and also globally.

We must continue channelling Light daily for seven minutes at any convenient time. We will experience the impact of the Light in our individual lives as well as the global life. The Revolution by Light will continue until there is total peace and love on this earth. and


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