Balance the genders

As long as a special day has to be celebrated for women, it means that both the genders are not at par….there is no equality.

Women’s Day does bring to the fore the terrible treatment women suffer in our troubled world. We indeed still need a Women’s Day, however I eagerly look forward to the times when men and women celebrate and respect each other….on equal footing.

On Women’s Day, I take great pride in saying that I am most influenced by all the men in my life….I thank them from the bottom of my heart……

I thank my father and other men in my family……they supported me and my brand of feminism;

I thank my husband who protects my individuality and supports me in keeping my maiden surname…..after my marriage I feel freer, stronger, and more balanced;

I thank my male friends, my back slapping buddies who gave me support, protection and treated me at par with them in every sphere of life;

I thank my favourite Deity – Lord Krishna – who is my backbone….

and I thank my Spiritual Guide – Guruji Krishnananda who treated me on equal footing with male disciples….. My Guruji made me value the feminine in me and not lose it in any attempt to stand-up against male chauvinism. My Guruji is the Source of my never ending strength in holding the fort of balance, harmony, Divine Love…..and not letting either of the genders dominate.

On Women’s Day I thank all the men in my life. And wish that as male chauvinism reaches its end, a wave of female chauvinism does not begin.

Victory to balance of the genders; victory to harmony… depicted in the ancient Indian Ardhanareshwara symbol. God created male and female energies and established balance….let us not create imbalances.ardhanarishvara_tt19



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