ECLIPSE – 29th of April 2014

Eclipses are special occasions. Special Spiritual Energies are released during Eclipses. These Energies can be absorbed by Meditators and the Spiritual progress can be hastened up.

The major process that Meditation initiates is Purification at different levels—Physical, Mental, Intellectual and the Spiritual. The special Energies from the Eclipses help this purification and also bring enormous #Spiritual strength. That is why Meditations during the period of Eclipses are important.

Maharishi Amara, a Great Spiritual Master once said that meditating during the Eclipse period is equal to six months of Meditation. 

The special Energies released cover the entire earth. That is why #Meditations even in the areas where the #Eclipse is not visible is not to be missed.

On 29th of April 2014, there is a Solar Eclipse starting from 9:22 AM to 1:44 PM (Indian Standard Time). You may meditate or channel Light. To know about #Light #Channelling, please visit –


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