AKSHAYA TRITIYA – 2nd May 2014

The festival of Akshaya Tritiya will be celebrated on 2nd May in 2014. The Spiritual relevance of this day was explained by Guruji Krishnananda, a Great Spiritual Master. The word ‘Kshaya’ means dissipating or reducing; hence the word ‘Akshaya’ broadly means perennial abundance. A special energy from Mahavishnu is available on this day. This energy can help us in achieving our resolutions and goals. New projects can be started on this day. If we already have projects then these will be strengthened. We can also make resolutions for our Spiritual as well as our material goals. This is because #Vairagya is not renouncing or negating life but it is non-attachment. 

Here’s a technique – We can think of this energy as a male form, because it is a part of #Mahavishnu. We can offer energies, pray and make our resolutions. Then we can continue with our regular Stage #Meditations. We should ideally meditate during Sandhikalas or transitory time phases of the day i.e. 6 am / 12 noon / 6 pm.

To learn Meditations and for #Spiritual Guidance please visit –www.lightagemasters.com

#GurujiKrishnananda #AkshayaTritiya


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