Retiring from the World

A student on the Spiritual Path asked me, “When should we retire from the world?”
This is a decision that can only be taken by the individual. I cannot tell you when you should retire.
But I can give you some general guidelines. 
What exactly do you mean by retirement? Is it giving up all your responsibilities, going to Himalayas and meditating in a cave?
In which case, you have to make arrangements for your responsibilities to be taken care of by someone else. We can’t just run away. We have to take permission from the people who are connected to us, who are dependent on us.
There must be a higher purpose in taking such retirement. Is it to take up intense Sadhana?
This world is our place of learning. This world is our University. And this world is a very beautiful world. We should not think of giving up this world and going away somewhere.
Where do we go from here? To which other world or area? God has gifted us this beautiful world.
We have come here to live in this world and not to retire or escape. This is very important. (Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)Retiring

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