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Mr. Manish Gajjar, a Meditator on The Saptarishis Path, under the Guidance of Guruji Krishnananda shares the strength and healing he received while undergoing a surgical operation:

“I recently underwent an operation. Before getting into the operation theatre, I prayed to the Rishis to be with me and also prayed to Light to enter each and every cell of my body. My operation was successful and I did not feel the pain which the surgeon said I would experience. What’s more, my healing was surprisingly faster than I thought! ‪#‎Rishis‬ always help and Light always heals.”

This is an excerpt from the August 2014 issue of the monthly Newsletter – Doorways – from Manasa Foundation.

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Why should we meditate?

A student on the Spiritual Path asked me, “Why should we meditate?”

People take up Meditations for different reasons to begin with. They take up Meditations usually to find solutions to their various problems—health issues, financial difficulties, problems with relationships, to overcome stress, to find peace and so on.

After they spend some time meditating, they realise that there is a greater purpose in taking up Spiritual Practice. They become aware of higher Truths, higher realities, and their problems either get resolved or they begin to look less important or trivial.

As they spend more time in their Sadhana, their goal shifts from solving their problems to achieving higher Spiritual goals.

Their goal keeps expanding, and ultimately, they set their goal on attaining freedom—to free themselves from all bondages and to become Light, and go back to their Source.

Our Source is Light. Our Source is God. Our ultimate goal is to go back to Him and become Him.

Until we reach the highest goal, Meditations help us live this life sensibly, peacefully and fully.

Living this life in this moment properly is most important. If we live properly in the present, the future is taken care of automatically.

So, we take up Meditations for many reasons in the beginning, and ultimately, to become Light.

(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

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LIGHT IN THE DETAILS OF LIFE – by Guruji Krishnananda

Light provides wisdom and courage. Light also awakens. When we awaken we have to reject all that is not right, all that is corrupt. We have to reject the dark. We have to reject the negative things, which means we have to act. Light helps. Remember, Light always helps. Light always works. But we too have to work.

We have to make great efforts. Only when we choose goodness and honesty in all details of life, we can say we are working for the Revolution by Light.

We as individuals have to change and transform. It is only then the Revolution begins. Revolution begins with the individuals. Then the systems, which are made of individuals will change.

Revolution by Light works at all levels, at the level of energy, at the Astral level and most importantly, at the individual level.

Wings – A Poem

Wings - A Poem 2

Quotes from the Rishis – Be Joyous

“Always be joyous, so that when others see you, they also feel joyous & bring out the life-force in them. Bringing joy to our troubled World is a great service to humanity.” – Guruji Krishnananda

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Quotes from the Rishis – Enlightenment

“Enlightenment is like a horizon. There are endless stages. There are many levels of depth & deeper states of ‪‎Enlightenment‬.”

– Guruji Krishnananda

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Quotes from the Rishis – Tune up to

“When we tune up to God, we do not feel the heat of the problems we face. God’s power flows through us & the problems vanish.” – Guruji Krishnananda

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Retiring from the World

A student on the Spiritual Path asked me, “When should we retire from the world?”
This is a decision that can only be taken by the individual. I cannot tell you when you should retire.
But I can give you some general guidelines. 
What exactly do you mean by retirement? Is it giving up all your responsibilities, going to Himalayas and meditating in a cave?
In which case, you have to make arrangements for your responsibilities to be taken care of by someone else. We can’t just run away. We have to take permission from the people who are connected to us, who are dependent on us.
There must be a higher purpose in taking such retirement. Is it to take up intense Sadhana?
This world is our place of learning. This world is our University. And this world is a very beautiful world. We should not think of giving up this world and going away somewhere.
Where do we go from here? To which other world or area? God has gifted us this beautiful world.
We have come here to live in this world and not to retire or escape. This is very important. (Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)Retiring

Quotes from the Rishis – So, Channel More Light

Channel More Light

Celebrate LORD KRISHNA’s Presence for ten days

Billions of years ago, energies from the Ocean of Consciousness and the energies of the Primordial Goddess were combined to create a huge field of Divine Energy.

The main role of this field of energy is to maintain balance in Creation, particularly in the Material Cosmos. The Divine energy helps maintain the equilibrium of everything from sub-atomic particles to atoms, planets, suns, solar systems and galaxies. In other words, everything in our Universe requires this Divine energy for sustenance.

The core of this field of energy is the Divine Personality, Mahavishnu, who takes birth on our earth in different forms whenever unrighteousness dominates our world, and restores harmony and peace. These are the ten Avatars of Mahavishnu.

Lord Krishna is the eighth Avatar of Mahavishnu, who took birth several thousand years ago and gifted us the Bhagavadgita. He taught humanity the Path of selfless service for attaining Yoga (Union with the Divine).

17th August 2014, was Lord Krishna’s birth anniversary. His energies descended to the earth on Janamastami at 12 midnight, as it happens every year. They fill the entire earth, enter every house and remain there for ten days.

During these ten days, let us try to experience Lord Krishna in our Meditations and at other times.

Let us hope and pray that the presence of Lord Krishna’s energies bring balance and sanity to our world, which is currently in distress. (Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

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