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Eclipse Meditations – September 2015

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During Meditation an elevated feeling bubbled forth from within…..and a spontaneous poem emerged…..thought would write the poem down later….was too immersed in enjoying the bliss of Meditation…….the next day, like magical mist, most of the poem had dissipated into unheard silence….but it left behind its gist…….

“Moments lock the Timeless. Expanded Awareness is the Key.” – Seema Almel

If – A Poem

If - A Poem

Yoga is living in Divinity

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Yoga and Yogasanas

“Yoga means Union. Union of the human self with the Divine self.

It means raising the quality of our thoughts, emotions and actions to the Divine levels of Purity and Truth.

The practice of Asanas is a part of Yoga.” — Guruji Krishnananda

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Karmas and Light – by Guruji Krishnananda

A person had pain in the lower abdomen. He began channelling Light to heal himself. Somehow he felt that he could not reach Light to his abdomen. It was strange. This was the first such case for me as well, so I checked up. I found that it was indeed difficult for him to take the Light to the affected part. When I tried to understand it, I saw that his Karmas came in the way.

What should we do at such times? We should persist and also request the Karmas. We can say to the Karmas – “Please help me to take the Light to the affected part. Let me get over this sickness and the pain”. The Karmas do oblige, co-operate and help. Then pray to the entire body to take in the Light. Persist with the practice, you will be fine.

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World Channels Day 30th January 2015

Right from wherever you are channel Light for atleast 7 minutes

on 30th January, 2015 – World Channels Day.

Contribute to World Peace. Heal yourself. Heal the World.

Light Channelling is a purely Spiritual, non-religious practice.

For more information, please visit – and

WCD 2015 Invite

Deepavali Wishes

Revolution by Light

Diwali 2014 Final

“May the Inner Light shine brighter. Manasa Foundation wishes everyone a Peaceful and Prosperous Deepavali” – Blessings from Guruji Krishnananda.

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Twin Eclipses – October 2014

“Eclipses are the best time to Meditate or channel Light. Every eclipse releases subtle Spiritual energies which cover the earth and bring major changes at all levels – individual, societal, national and global. Twin eclipses amplify the effect.” – Guruji Krishnananda

The first of the twin eclipses is a Lunar ‪#‎Eclipse‬ on 8th October 2014 (Wednesday) from 01:45 PM to 07:03 PM (Indian Standard Time).

The second is a Solar Eclipse on 24th October 2014 (Friday) from 01:07 AM to 05:21 AM (Indian Standard Time).

Eclipses April 2014

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